Name Meaning - "Hermesmyth"

The “Hermes” “Myth” would sound somewhat different and an unheard name right?. Offcourse it is, hence the name was choose unexpectedly while I was just surfing to find out a different name for our internet marketing company.Hermesmyth gives a clear meaning when spilt - “Hermes” otherwise known as “Messenger of  Gods” and also the “God of Trade and Commerce“.  and “Myth” is Magic or Mantra.

The name “Hermesmyth” – Your Business Partner” came in to being, with meaning as “The  God of trade and commerce , does the myth to grow your business with the right strategic mantra – Hardwork +Experience+Expertise

Focusing on the Right Direction

We are a small team with wide experience in online marketing, especially in brand building, search engine optimization, social media optimization and press release writing & distribution. Our dedicated, friendly and professional staffs work round-the-clock to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Our formula of Success is “Experience + Expertise + Strategy + Hard Work = Success”

It’s not that easy to gain brand recognition online. So if you choose and focus the right marketing method, your business will get good exposure not only locally, but also national as well as worldwide. We help you in retaining existing and also help you to gain new prospective customers/clients worldwide over the Internet.Our Business Model works like below.

With confidence “WE GROW AS YOU GROW” we love to do business with you, to grow ourselves and make you grow.

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