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Effective Email Marketing for business

Email Marketing Effective CampaignSending emails just to a group of people is not an email campaign. Certain ethics should be followed while setting up an email campaign, to make it effective, so that it reaches brings in branding and conversions to you.  If you are first-timer making an email campaign or already if you have run an email campaign and failed, no matter, make it right next time, so that you get purpose and intention of the email campaign fulfilled. Below are the few things you need to look at, whilst shooting an email campaign.

1. Understand the Objective & Plan the Email Campaign

It is more important to understand for what and whom you are sending the email, and what is the purpose (objective) and result should be. The email campaign can be to generate business leads, to promote and raise awareness about your product brand, or sending it to existing customers to increase the retention rates or to do up-selling / cross-selling.  Once you understand the business requirement, make a plan to get ready with the campaign.  Below are few important things to be considered while shooting the email campaign.

a.       The Database

Database plays a crucial role in email marketing.  If you have got a database of your own or you are hiring a email marketing agency to do an email campaign, make sure that the database is authentic and not Bot-Generated. Authentic is permission based-email marketing, whereas bot-generated is the database which is acquired from the web using some scripts.

If you are shooting an email campaign for a Car Rental Company or Hotel, the email content should focus more on the brand and enquiries.

b.      Target Audience

Identify your target audience, based on criteria which match your business. Few things to be considered would be the people age group, industry, income level, gender etc. If your target audience is not well planned – this might lead to a failure.  Example, if you are sending an email campaign to sell cars, and the age group is less than 18 that doesn’t solve the purpose, as age is not suited and income level would be less.

c.       Email Response Tracking

When the email is shot, you need to know what the open rates are and click rates. This report will ensure how much your brand has reached the people and how many are interested etc. Don’t forget to use the Google UTM – to track your hit rates in the analytics. If an agency is doing it or you have got the bulk email software make sure you have the option to view the reports.

d.      ROI

Know your budgets and act accordingly. Plan your email campaign, in a way that you can take the return on investment, based on the conversion rates.

2. Creative

Creative is one of the important factors which are an integral part of success to an email campaign. The creative, should be designed in a way that it gives trust to viewer. Things to keep in mind while designing.

  1. Logo – Make it look prominent
  2.  Prime Message – provide short ,simple and upto the point
  3. Call to action – What users wants to do.
  4. Font & Color Usage – Make sure you use the right color which matches your logo and more importantly based on the region of target audience.
  5.  Images – Use appropriate images.

3. Subject Line

50% success of your email campaigns Open-Rates / Click-Through depends on an effective subject line. Make sure you use a subject line that gains the interest and attention of person who opens the email. Do not use the words, free, offer, and discount, also unethical words in the subject line, as most of the web / email engines, consider them as spam.

 4. Emailer Template

The email template should be HTMLized and also alt text should given, so if images doesn’t open from HTML the text version will ease the user to read.  Now that the technology is developed, most of the people they check email using their iPad, iPhone, blackberry or any other mobile applications. So the email template should be designed and developed in a way that it is compatible with the latest technology.

5. Landing Page

Whilst the call-to-action is there in your email template, make sure it is linked to the right place in the website. The Landing page should be designed extra-ordinary to ensure, it is more informative and will interest the customer to make an enquiry or opt for the service.

6. Email Testing

Don’t forget to check the emails with different email ids and email service provider before shooting it to customers. (Check in Gmail, yahoo, hotmail, your official email id, outlook, apple etc). This test is important as this will show you how the readers will see your email. Make sure that the images are not broken, unnecessary spaces, mails are not ending up in spam folder, html and text version works fine etc.

7. Use Unsubscribe Link              

Always use a unsubscribe link at the footer of the email. So that readers can unsubscribe for your email anytime and also web servers makes sure it is not spam and is permission based.

8. Email Servers

Make sure your email server or the client’s email server can handle bulk number of emails. If there is lot of emails being sent from specific IP, which doesn’t have the capacity to handle, high risks are there to get you website/server blacklisted. This is either for bulk emails being sent is specific pulse time or even because of high bounce rates.

9. Communicate across Various channels

If emails are sent make sure you are communicating it across various channels like website home page banner, advertisements etc. wherever possible to make it effective and aware.

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Email Campaigns – Measuring Click Rates | URL Tagging

Most organisations send promotional emails to sell and promote their brand. Do they really know how many people have really read their email and have visited their website? 75% of the organisations don’t know how many visitors have visted the website after a email campaign.

Here is a simple online tool by Google, which makes your task easy by showing the click throughs in your google analytics account. All you have do is just tag your url providing a campaign name which would be shown in analytics once someone visits your website through email campaign.

Visit: Google Analytics URL Builder for URL Tagging

For More Information Visit:

Soon will make a new post regarding the traditional method of tracking open rates while doing email campaigns.

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