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Choosing the Best Web Hosting Service Provider

Everyone wants to host a website these days. Be a small shop or a big multinational company – Internet marketing is a part of their plans. In spite of the fact that this is a healthy scenario, there is flipside to this. Just wonder if you have a online shopping website and its webserver is down for a day or two.- So its better make the best choice at the beginning itself.

Web-hosting use to be privilege, for a select few when internet started kick off, but these days its available to a common man. This has increased the number of websites from a few million in 1999 to many billions in 2010. This has resulted in information over load. There is only so much of information a human mind can process, we re receiving information faster than what most of us can perceive. It is not an uncommon experience, when we can come out looking for specific information; we end up getting a lot of junk information.


The second decade into the 22nd century, there are many challenges that will posed to us in terms of web-hosting. It is likely that other domains like “ .com “ , “ .net “ will be introduced. For example there can exist a and Though on one hand this will open up the scope for more sites, it will dilute the traffic to the intended site. Users are more likely to get misdirected.

Internet in general is expected to become slower by the end of this decade, because of information overload. Unlike what most people think, the future of internet can actually be slower than current days, since the number of activities of the internet per person is increasing as compared to increase in bandwidth.

Web-hosting is gradually becoming a reselling base affair, since most site-names have been bought out already. Now there is new industry that is emerging, that actually engages in aiding acquisition of websites. There are various levels of elements involved in the internet industry from brokers to sellers.

Though the rates of web space and domain names are available for cheaper, the cost of acquiring a site name alone is becoming expensive. But its more important that you choose the right web host service providers, who update the security patches regulary, so that our website account or web host account is not vulnerable to hacker attacks.

This decade, will pose a rat race for establishing a web identity. It is important to plan your web profiling as soon as possible to ensure that the desired effect is produced.

There is likely to new technological enhancements on the web-hosting sector. With increasing number of option like, video, audio and other 3D effects domain into website designing. Web-Hosting will be more advanced than ever before. It is likely that the prices of web space and allied expenses will fall. But deployment of newer technology to enhance the aesthetic feel of the site will prove more expensive.

So its better choose the right and best webhosting provider who provide you good speed, enough space, cost-effective, security, 24/7 support and most importantly that you believe the host provider to be reliable and hassle-free.

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404 error pages and 301 re-redirects

Many of us has come across this problem while surfing the website such as 404 Error – The page cannot be displayed error.What are these and why do they occur? Does these affect the search rankings? What needs to be done to avoid these? are few questions which may arise, when you come across such 404 Page Not Found Error.

Generally 404 – Page Not Found error are termed as “Broken Links”. These broken links occur, when there is a file missing in the root directory of the website, or the actual file name was which was working, has been renamed to something, will show as a broken link.

When it comes to search engine ranking, 404 definitely plays a role in it. More number of broken links in a website also leads to drop in the page ranks. For instance, you would do link building for certain pages and have acquired lot of external links, which provides a good value to you site. If you change the file name or remove the file in the web root directory, it would be a 404 error page. So this 404 error would reduce the traffic to the website, and also the chances of page rank drop is expected.

In order avoid such things the 404 – Page not found error webpage needs to be redirected to the right link or the new link, sometimes even to the homepage. These kind of redirects is termed as 301-Redirects. The redirect script should be wrote in the .htaccess file, which would be available as an hidden file in the website root directory. If that not available, you need to create one.


The 404-error page to a 301-redirect script is below. This needs to be added to the .htaccess file.

Options +Indexes
Options +FollowSymlinks
RewriteEngine on
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^index.htm$ [R=301,L]

The above script is valid for a specific i.e. single re-redirect only. In case of you need to redirect any 404 error pages to your home page, then you need to use the below rule.

RewriteRule ^whatever/[^.]+)$$1/ [R=301,L]

The above specified redirect script are required in the htacess to make 301 redirections, whereas if you want to redirect a domain to then you need to create a index.html file and add it to the root director of The simple re-direct html script required for that is

< head>
< meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=iso-8859-1″>
< meta name=”Description” content=”any description regarding your website “>
<meta http-equiv=”Refresh” content=”1; url= /”>
<title>Example of HTML Re-redirect</title>
< /head>
< /html>

The above can be done in .htaccess as well.

Options +FollowSymLinks
RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule (.*)$1 [R=301,L]

The above redirects are also considered more imporant in Search Engine Optimizaiton. Hope this helps. Still have got questions, just post it in comments, we would surely reply you.

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Search Engine Market Share


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Latest Techniques in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Day-to-day there are some changes that has been happening around web. So we Search Engine Optimizers need to be aware about all the recent happenings both the on-page optimisation techniques and off-page optimisation techniques to acquire top rankings in all major search engines, which inculde google, yahoo, rediff, msn and many more.

Below are list of few latest trends in SEO at present, which needs to be followed to get good rankings for our website.

1.) Identifying and researching proper target Keywords

2.) Professional keyword based content / copywriting

3.) Web Page Content Optimization

4.) Graphic / Image name optimization

5.) Localized / Regional / Geographical Optimization

6.) Social Media Optimization / Social Bookmarkingearch

7.) Press Releases and Articles writing / distributing

8.) Blogging, participation in discussion boards / forums

9.) Link Building – with right focus keywords

10.) Usability Testing – Based on Web Analytics

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7 Common Mistakes by SEO Beginners

seo common mistakesMost of the fresh search engine optimizers spend lot of time in certain things which are not that much we need to worry while optimizing a website. Below are few common mistakes that needs to be avoided while doing SEO for a website

1.) Don’t spend lot of time researching meta keywords. Its better you can use the keywords which are already present in the website.

2.) Focusing on keyword density is no more of that much importance, if you focus on keyword density more, then your website may probably move above one site, that’s it. So you can have the keywords occurances in the content itself. Also long tail keywords would help your website rank good.

3.) Avoid keyword stuffing in H1, H2 Tags. Don’t provide the same keyword in H1,H2 tags, I may affect the search rankings. Its better you use the appropriate, descriptive tags, which itself will bring your site to top based on relevancy.

4.) Avoid Duplicate Content, don’t copy paste someone’s content in your website. Hence the content which you copy paste may be already indexed by search engines. Duplicate content not only leads to legal copy right issues, but also affects your search rankings.

5.) Reciprocal linking – Gone are those days. But while providing reciprocal links, check how the other website is relevent to your business/website and what their page rank is. If their page rank is more less when compared to yours, your page rank might get shared.

6.) Creating Sitemaps – Sitemaps are used by your website visitors for easy navigation and other by search engines for quick and easy indexing. So don’t create a sitemap with keywords which are linked outside. Because many do provide the backlinks in sitemap with a good keyword. Sitemap must be of your website and not linked to third parties.

7.) Most of the fresh SEO learners read lot of posts searching in the web and implement all known and unknown things reading certain wrong postings. I wish Search Engine Beginners, should first strategize what needs to done and do it accordingly. Good Luck will follow you                         .

Also read On Page Optimization and off page optimization.

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Six Tips – Choosing an SEO Consultant / Agency

Few has been asking me how to select an SEO consultant, or Agency to optimize their website. I would like to share a few tips in choosing the right SEO Professional. Below are those.

1. Don’t believe in Agencies, who Guarantee 1st Position in Few Weeks

There is lot competition, and there are lots of rules and work that needs to be done to bring a website to a first position. Though all those are done, it very very tough to bring our website to top rankings for all our target keywords. So better don’t believe agencies who say, “We will bring your website to No.1 for all your target keywords”.

2. Ask for Real Facts

Always ask the SEO specialist about the real facts and the possibilities of the site to rank top. For ranking top, what and all needs to be done and average time period etc.

3. Link Building

A good SEO professional will provide the list of links he has purchases to do link building. Moreover its our right to ask for list of links purchased, hence we are paying them to acquire those links.

4. SEO Plans

Ask the SEO specialist to plan execution. What and they are planning to do, and what needs to be done in our part to execute their SEO plan effectively.

5. Website Objects

Make sure you are aware about the activities carried out the SEO professional, and all the accounts, domains, content, images etc used for promoting the website is rooted to you. “Please donot outsource your website project to a agency who says, links, promotional content are confidential”.

6. Reports

Be sure you get the reports periodically, along with the list of activities carried on and a comparitive performance once is 3 months. A professional SEO Consultant would explain the realy facts after the first 3 months of exclusive research, and from next phase he would be able to better bring the site up.

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Effective Link Building Ideas and Keyword Targets

Generally, when its comes to SEO, let it be On-Page Optimization or Off-page optimisation, high patience is required. Many people who do SEO, expect the results immediately, But it’s a wrong perpective. I would definetely take a month or two to know how effective our SEO process is. But be sure, that if you don’t find any good results after 2 months, then there is something that you need to take care of. Anyways back to the link building, patience is very much needed for a few important reasons. Below reasons itself are effective linkbuilding ideas.

1.) Choosing the right keywords

To make effective link building, the right keywords needs to be choosen, in order to get quality traffic. For example, if a company sells “Tailoring Materials”, it can’t choose a keywords as “Buy Cloths”, it would bring traffic, which won’t give conversion rates. At the same time if the company targets “Fancy Buttons” , “Latest Tailoring Materials” and so on would be the right keywords. Moreover, lot of time would spent, if lot of keywords needs to be targeted.

2.) Acquiring Links

Acquiring quality links takes lots of time. Firstly you need to check who are ready to provide the links and at what cost. Many do give free links, but still, a link which has got good page rank and do it as a business, would quote a cost to buy a link there. Hence get ready with the database of links first.

The most important is to get Branded Links, with good page rank. This is definitely help in increasing quality traffic and page rank.

3.) Quality Articles

Don’t just ask for links, that are already written. Its always good to write articles related to topic, and then hyperlink the target keywords with proper anchor text. For example, hermesmyth deals with internet marketing services and blog. So while writing articles, if the target keyword is “SEO Consultant” I would provide the alternate text as “Search Engine Optimization Services”. If you would liek to optimize you business name or your name in searches, the you need to provide the right alternate text like if my name wants to appear in the searches for ”SEO Consultant” then I would provide my name i.e. Yuvaraj and link to my main site with “SEO Consultant” as alternate text. While writing articles, bear in mind that, a good article with proper link is much worthy for link baiting.

A good idea to get quality articles is Reviews, where a link can be aquired for writing the own product review or services review and posting some articles in blogs.

4.) Other Linking Building places

Distributing Press Releases, Forums, Discussing boards, directory, social media are other sources to provide links. If utilzed properly, this would also help in getting higher page ranks.

Last but not the least, while writing articles, make it look interesting, so the reader will pass comments and also chances of the pages linked is higher. Plan and follow an Effective Link Building Strategy to acheive success.

Next topic is about…. SEO Tips for website restructuring / redesigning.

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Choosing Target Keywords – Search Optimisation

Target Relevant Keywords

Keyword Relevancy and Target

The most important thing in SEO, is choosing the best keywords. A best and the performing keywords alone can bring good amount of QUALITY TRAFFIC and thereby increases the conversion rates to a website.

So while choosing a keyword for a website, the search engine optimizer should think in the consumer point of view, so that they can choose the right keywords / keyphrases, which a customer enters into the search box, while searching for something over the web.

So how to choose the right keywords?

This can be explained in a step by step process.

Step 1: Use a keyword tool, to analyse which keyword is most searched in the web. You can use some good free keyword suggestion tool, like Google Adword Tool, wordtracker etc.

Step 2: Choose the appropriate keyword, which is very much relevant to your website and would be searched by customers

Step 3: Once you enter the keywords in your website, using the analytics check out which keywords are performing and non-performing. Tweak the non-performing keywords

Step 4: Use long tail key phrases in the website. Say for example, you are having a Online marketing company, and willing to provide online marketing services. The use the key pharases, such as Internet Marketing service provider in India or online marketing consultant, UK and so on, whichever is relevant to your business and business location.

Step 5: Importantly check, if the keywords, content, links are relevant. Hence relevancy is only way to bring quality traffic and page rank to the website.

Soon I would be back with the next post of how to focus on the keywords internally in a website and external link building.

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On-Page and Off-Page SEO Chart

On-Page and Off-Page SEO Chart

On-Page and Off-Page SEO Chart

Off-Page Optimization Tips – SEO

Off-Page Optimization is optimizing a website with target keywords related to the website content externally. This external search engine optimization techniques increase the page rank, as well as increases the conversion rates via maximization of search engine results for the specified targeted keywords.

Off-Page optimization includes external linking and placement of targeted keywords in the content, linking the targeted keyword to the relevant web page. The off-page search engine optimization techniques involves the following.

1.) Website / Directory Submission

Submitting the website to multiple relevant website, search engine and business directories

2.) Press Releases and Article Distribution

Writing press releases and publishing it online. When writing press releases it should have some “Targeted Keywords”, which should be hyperlinked to the relevant webpage.

3.) Social Networking

Social networking has been in very good hype and becoming one of the important thing in linking building activity. Social networking sites like digg, delicious, slashdot, twitter etc have been increasing the linkablity and also brings good audiences.

4.) Link Building Campaigns

Apart from the above said link building tactics, we can also do specialized link building campaigns. We can request for complementary links from the people/other business who do business with us. This also involves, one-way, two-way, three-way and multiway link building.

5.) Link Exchanges

Link Exchange is exchanging the links between two website owners. There are certain factors such as page rank, relevancy of the business etc to be considered, inorder to do quality link building.

6.) Blogging and Commenting

We can have our blogs or can ask some bloggers to provide links to the website for which we seek optimization for. Also we can visit someother blogs and comment for their articles, by providing our link. This is also one way to aquire links

7.) Forum Postings

Forums are also one way of acquiring links. We can discuss on some good topic, where more number of poeple will participate. Here in forums, signature are considered important. we can either provide the link or just hyperlink the keyword, so that the forum vistors would click the link to know more about the person who has contributed to the forum. Real interesting topics will fetch good amount of traffic to the website.

Also note that while running a link building campaign, check out the page rank for better results. If the page rank is higher than yours, then it must be your target to get a link. Hence it would definitely provide your website with a good page rank as well in the future after off-page optimisation is done.

I would discuss more about how to choose the target keywords, the impact of off-page optimization to a website in SEO and the comparison between on-page optimization and off-page optimization in my upcoming posts. Till then stay tuned…..