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How google search works

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Website Robots.txt Validator

Always check if the robots.txt has got any errors once you upload it to the server. Below is a link where you can check for the robot.txt . Use the below free Robots.txt validator for analyzing the errors in the robots of the website.

The robots should be taken care – so that search engines would be able to see the website robots, knows what to do with the page.

10 Hints to make your Brand More Visible

Greater the brand visibility, greater would be the chances for your product to be retained in the customers mind, resulting in increased volume of sales. So to increase the brand visibility, it’s a must to create an excitement among your customers. Here are a few proven tips that would popularise your brand in the Market.

1. Have an attractive-speaking Website – “Attractive-Speaking Website” doesn’t mean that someone should voice in the website, it’s about the content and design of the website. The design should be attractive, with consistency in colour, and product. The content should talk about what the product is? And what does the product do? And why one should buy your product? If these 3 questions are answered, then the needful customers will get trust. Next step would be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – which brings in your site in top of search engines when right keywords are chosen for identifying your website content.

2. Special Promotions – you can make a noise in the market, by providing variety of offers, gifts, discounts, etc during the festival season. Here you need to be careful about what to bundle with your product, to attract potential customers. This can be done by running a email campaign, online poster ads, website banners, and many more.

3. Media – Its one of the effective means of increasing brand visibility. If your budget fits in you can provide television ads or else you can go with social media, where you can create your own videos and upload, promote them. When you do these kinds of ads, you can sponsor / embed some social awareness and welfare messages.

4. Newspapers & Magazines – The most widely used means to promote your product and its brand. When it comes to newspapers and magazines, you can promote your brand by 2 ways. The no.1 would be to provide frequent news, press releases and articles to the editors and the no.2 would be to provide ads in the newspaper and magazines, both online as well as offline i.e. print media.

5. Sponsors – It’s all based on your Product. If you product is kind of enterprise then sponsor a corporate event, seminar etc. If your product is for consumers, then sponsor it for some major events like film fare, fashion show, sports, colleges, cultural programmes, social awareness programs and many more. These kinds of major events brings in lot of people in one place, which with combination of the media, newspaper, internet etc will provide you good weightage for your brand among the customers.

6. Viral Marketing – Viral Marketing is spreading the brand via buzzwords. Effective participation in social media optimization and social networking sites, will popularize your brand as well and bring in quality visitors to your website, and potential customers to your business. Promote your brand via popular websites like facebook, YouTube, google, yahoo buzz, etc which is a place where people will gather online. So effective promotion in social book marking sites will bring in success.

7. Online Forums and Communities – discuss and help your customers online by joining in forums and online communities. Create a group and share interesting topics and new product releases, upgrade etc.

8. Banners & Hoardings – these 2 again are great medium of advertising. Choose the right location if it’s going to be a physical banner/hoarding or choose the right website, to give banner ad online. An important tip here is to associate your logo, product and brand with some kind of social awareness messages to get additional exposure of your Brand.

9. Email Signatures – Whenever you or your associates send an email, use your company logo in the signature along with the website. A well organized, effective and unique color scheme will attract your customers and clients.

10. Other means of Promotions – Give your employees and customers T-Shirts, Jerkins with your logo printed, Give stickers for your employees to stick in their vehicles for parking inside the premises, make canopy of umbrella , standees, when you put some stalls on the road-side, put your logo in your office bus, give a pen with your logo embossed in it to customers / clients who trial your products, give an award, a shield which has got the logo embossed to your resellers and dealers to place it in their shops etc. There are still lot of small things which can really bring in great brand visibility, potential customer and good reputation to your business.

SEO KPI’s – Search Engine Key Performance Indicators

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Has your website disappeared from Search Engines (SERP)?

If you website ranking well and positioned well in search engine, and disappeared suddenly from the search listing after few content additions of content. No worries! All you have to do is check if there was duplication of content in your website or your website content was copied to a website which has a better page rank then yours. The below are few possibilities of a sudden disappearance of website from search engines.

Case 1: Duplication of Content

To check if the website content is copied from some other site visit and analyse your website. This shows the list of site which has similar content. So if you feel like the content in your website is same like the other, just tweak your content. In case your content is original and someone has copied it, report it to Google or any other search engine provider.

Case 2: Duplication of Content within website or from your old website

If you have the same content in 2 different web page links, then you need to block one from search engine index, if you want the other page not to be indexed. To do this, visit Google Webmaster central, add and block the link which you don’t want the search engine to crawl. (Though you can do this using the .htaccess or robots.txt, this method will also work in Google – as Google is most used search engine, importance is given to Google search)

In case your entire site or specific pages is the same as your old website, all you have to do is take the content and have them in the server backup, and see that the old website doesn’t appear. Once the entire website shows a 404 error, resubmit it to search engines, so that once they crawl, if there is no content found in the website, search engines will remove them from their index.

Case 3: Website Server IP

This rarely does happen, if a website has two servers 1. Live server and 2. Development server (which is not supposed to be available for public and is used in internal organisations). If you buy a website ip from a service provider, and by chance you get a the ip of the link, which was ranking good and now is dead, the content which you may post would reflect on the website which doesn’t belong to you. So your website will appear in 2 different website.(only the url will be different, all the others will remain same) This is something the Web host provider needs to take care off. In this case, you need to ask the host provider to clear the cache of the old server.

Case 4: Link Spamming

Link Spamming is frequently changing the links with the same content. When a search engine crawls the website, and if the links keep on changing, and each time, the previous link is dead/broken, then search engines will think, those are spamming links. So this may also lead to drop in search listings.

Also Watch the Video – These are the insights given my Matt Cutts, Google


Apart from this there are many reasons, but these are few important points, which optimizers see that there is a sudden drop in the traffic. (Even I forgot, these things, and later realized, these are the things, I missed out during analysis. Though I concentrated on the few things which does occur normally)

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SEO Advice from SEO Expert – Matt Cutts


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Black Hat Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) News

Today as soon I came in, I just checked for few seo alerts. I found this news and thought I should definitely share with you all.

“In the last week, more than 280 search terms have been attacked by more than 6,600 black hat search engine optimization (SEO) operations, according to a study by SonicWall.”

Read the full article here:

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SEO Types | SEO Hat | SEO Techniques

There are different types of HATS, the Search Engine Optimizers wear. Below are list of seo hats. In fact, the true fact is that Black Hat, Grey Hat and White Hat SEO alone exists. Whereas people as they tried different terminologies in SEO to bring their site to top in SERP’s i.e. Search Engine Results Page, they gave different names such as yellow hat, green hat, brown hat, purple hat, pink hat and so on as they wish, but those did not really get life and did not exist.

Black Hat SEO:

The word itself says the unethical SEO. In this method of SEO, the keywords are stuffed irrelevant to the content, and is not visible to humans i.e. the text colour would be matched with the background colour of the webpage. Also this type of SEO is often adopted to bring the website to top ranking faster. Search Engines identify and block sites which rank top using Black Hat SEO Method.

Grey Hat SEO:

This is a combination of both black hat seo as well as white hat seo. Here they dont stuff the keyword but this includes buying links, semantic links, keyword file naming and density manipulation. Most of the Grey Hat SEO methods are proclaimed as white hat SEO, whereas search engines are against websites which buy links from third party websites.

Green Hat SEO:

This is a method and action which involves lot of tactics and actions to draw more website visitors. This is all about having fun and doing unnecessary things over a website to gain visitors.

Red Hat SEO:

This is just an observable phenomenon i.e. evaluation hypotheses of what is happening over the web. This is also like White Hat SEO.
White Hat SEO:

This is an ethical SEO method. Here Search Engine Optimizers follow the SEO Guidelines and work on acquiring natural links. This is a slow and a steady process which brings good SERP’s in the long run.

Blue Hat SEO:

This is an advanced SEO technique. Blue Hat Search Engine Optimizers have good knowledge about both Black as well as White hat seo, which makes the search engine optimizer to think in the creative aspect of seo, without voiding the seo guidelines.

So now you know which hat to choose right?

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404 error pages and 301 re-redirects

Many of us has come across this problem while surfing the website such as 404 Error – The page cannot be displayed error.What are these and why do they occur? Does these affect the search rankings? What needs to be done to avoid these? are few questions which may arise, when you come across such 404 Page Not Found Error.

Generally 404 – Page Not Found error are termed as “Broken Links”. These broken links occur, when there is a file missing in the root directory of the website, or the actual file name was which was working, has been renamed to something, will show as a broken link.

When it comes to search engine ranking, 404 definitely plays a role in it. More number of broken links in a website also leads to drop in the page ranks. For instance, you would do link building for certain pages and have acquired lot of external links, which provides a good value to you site. If you change the file name or remove the file in the web root directory, it would be a 404 error page. So this 404 error would reduce the traffic to the website, and also the chances of page rank drop is expected.

In order avoid such things the 404 – Page not found error webpage needs to be redirected to the right link or the new link, sometimes even to the homepage. These kind of redirects is termed as 301-Redirects. The redirect script should be wrote in the .htaccess file, which would be available as an hidden file in the website root directory. If that not available, you need to create one.


The 404-error page to a 301-redirect script is below. This needs to be added to the .htaccess file.

Options +Indexes
Options +FollowSymlinks
RewriteEngine on
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^index.htm$ [R=301,L]

The above script is valid for a specific i.e. single re-redirect only. In case of you need to redirect any 404 error pages to your home page, then you need to use the below rule.

RewriteRule ^whatever/[^.]+)$$1/ [R=301,L]

The above specified redirect script are required in the htacess to make 301 redirections, whereas if you want to redirect a domain to then you need to create a index.html file and add it to the root director of The simple re-direct html script required for that is

< head>
< meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=iso-8859-1″>
< meta name=”Description” content=”any description regarding your website “>
<meta http-equiv=”Refresh” content=”1; url= /”>
<title>Example of HTML Re-redirect</title>
< /head>
< /html>

The above can be done in .htaccess as well.

Options +FollowSymLinks
RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule (.*)$1 [R=301,L]

The above redirects are also considered more imporant in Search Engine Optimizaiton. Hope this helps. Still have got questions, just post it in comments, we would surely reply you.

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Search engine spider view of a website

As said earlier search engine spiders just views website as text. It won’t be able view either the content or html hyper links in a specified webpage which is in the form of Java script, flash player, flash content, image type texts etc. Might be the Search Engine algorithms are coded like that                         . Soon this may also change. Coming back the point, here is how you can see how the spider looks into a website.

Click this website and type in your url, this shows how the search engine views your website.

If you wish you can type in to have a look of how the search engines views my internet blog website or if you wish to buy your own domain and hosting space, click the banner below.

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