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Choosing the Best Web Hosting Service Provider

Everyone wants to host a website these days. Be a small shop or a big multinational company – Internet marketing is a part of their plans. In spite of the fact that this is a healthy scenario, there is flipside to this. Just wonder if you have a online shopping website and its webserver is down for a day or two.- So its better make the best choice at the beginning itself.

Web-hosting use to be privilege, for a select few when internet started kick off, but these days its available to a common man. This has increased the number of websites from a few million in 1999 to many billions in 2010. This has resulted in information over load. There is only so much of information a human mind can process, we re receiving information faster than what most of us can perceive. It is not an uncommon experience, when we can come out looking for specific information; we end up getting a lot of junk information.


The second decade into the 22nd century, there are many challenges that will posed to us in terms of web-hosting. It is likely that other domains like “ .com “ , “ .net “ will be introduced. For example there can exist a and Though on one hand this will open up the scope for more sites, it will dilute the traffic to the intended site. Users are more likely to get misdirected.

Internet in general is expected to become slower by the end of this decade, because of information overload. Unlike what most people think, the future of internet can actually be slower than current days, since the number of activities of the internet per person is increasing as compared to increase in bandwidth.

Web-hosting is gradually becoming a reselling base affair, since most site-names have been bought out already. Now there is new industry that is emerging, that actually engages in aiding acquisition of websites. There are various levels of elements involved in the internet industry from brokers to sellers.

Though the rates of web space and domain names are available for cheaper, the cost of acquiring a site name alone is becoming expensive. But its more important that you choose the right web host service providers, who update the security patches regulary, so that our website account or web host account is not vulnerable to hacker attacks.

This decade, will pose a rat race for establishing a web identity. It is important to plan your web profiling as soon as possible to ensure that the desired effect is produced.

There is likely to new technological enhancements on the web-hosting sector. With increasing number of option like, video, audio and other 3D effects domain into website designing. Web-Hosting will be more advanced than ever before. It is likely that the prices of web space and allied expenses will fall. But deployment of newer technology to enhance the aesthetic feel of the site will prove more expensive.

So its better choose the right and best webhosting provider who provide you good speed, enough space, cost-effective, security, 24/7 support and most importantly that you believe the host provider to be reliable and hassle-free.

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Important SEO HTML Tags

H1, H2, Alt Texts , Page Title are more important when optimizing a website. So its important to have the target keywords in these tags. Below are the few important HTML tags that needs to be used in SEO.

Title Tag

<title> Internet Marketing Blog </title> – This tag is the one which is more important and would be seen in search engine results as well as browsers.

Meta Tags

Keyword Tag – This would contain the words which are generally searched in search engines

<meta name=”keywords” content=”keyword, keywords, key words, effective search terms, search keywords “>

Description Tag – Gives a short description about what the page is about.

<meta name=”description” content=”Optimize your website with important SEO HTML tags”>

Author – Provide the author name or email address

<meta name=”author” content=”Yuvaraj Hermesmyth”>

Robots – a conditon with which we can allow or disallow indexing by search engines
< meta name=”robots” content=”allow”>

Header Tags

<h1> Heading 1 </h1>
< h2> Heading 2 </h2>
< h3> Heading 3 </h3>
< h4> Heading 4 </h4>
< h5> Heading 5 </h5>
< h6> Heading 6 </h6>

Tag for Automatically Refreshing a Webpage after 20 Seconds

<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”20;url=”>

Tag for Image Optimization

Optimizing a image name is also important. A good alt text will also be helpful in SEO.

<img src=”painting.gif” alt=”Mordern Paintings” />

Email Tag

When you want to post an email and when clicked it that needs to be opened in the users default email client this tag is used.

<a href=”“> Send Mail</a>


Internal Links or Links placed within the webpage should have proper keywords in alt text, which helps the website rank better.

<a href=”” alt=”Art Gallery, Mordern Day Paintings”>Art Gallery</a>

Few important points to be noted:

1.) Website Submission: When a website is submitted in a website it is good to have minimum 200 words, with 2-3% keyword density.

2..) Javascripts sometimes prevents the search engines to crawl the entire page, so its good have the Javascripts, call/embed the link inside the html page, like we call forward the CSS and embed in a webpage.

3.) Don’t use Frames or limit the usage of frames, hence search engine won’t recognize the frameset which cause lot of problems to the search engine spiders. Its better to use internal hyperlinks inside frames, if you wanted to have frames.

4.) Flash Pages: Use the Meta keywords and description tag for flash pages. Webpages which are completed designed using flash is called as splash pages. Most of these flash components are not recognized by search engines as they are not HTML hyperlinks.

5.) Have Speed, Reliable and Best Web Hosting Server, to prevent website down-times.

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