SEO KPI’s – Search Engine Key Performance Indicators

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Has your website disappeared from Search Engines (SERP)?

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If you website ranking well and positioned well in search engine, and disappeared suddenly from the search listing after few content additions of content. No worries! All you have to do is check if there was duplication of content in your website or your website content was copied to a website which has a better page rank then yours. The below are few possibilities of a sudden disappearance of website from search engines.

Case 1: Duplication of Content

To check if the website content is copied from some other site visit and analyse your website. This shows the list of site which has similar content. So if you feel like the content in your website is same like the other, just tweak your content. In case your content is original and someone has copied it, report it to Google or any other search engine provider.

Case 2: Duplication of Content within website or from your old website

If you have the same content in 2 different web page links, then you need to block one from search engine index, if you want the other page not to be indexed. To do this, visit Google Webmaster central, add and block the link which you don’t want the search engine to crawl. (Though you can do this using the .htaccess or robots.txt, this method will also work in Google – as Google is most used search engine, importance is given to Google search)

In case your entire site or specific pages is the same as your old website, all you have to do is take the content and have them in the server backup, and see that the old website doesn’t appear. Once the entire website shows a 404 error, resubmit it to search engines, so that once they crawl, if there is no content found in the website, search engines will remove them from their index.

Case 3: Website Server IP

This rarely does happen, if a website has two servers 1. Live server and 2. Development server (which is not supposed to be available for public and is used in internal organisations). If you buy a website ip from a service provider, and by chance you get a the ip of the link, which was ranking good and now is dead, the content which you may post would reflect on the website which doesn’t belong to you. So your website will appear in 2 different website.(only the url will be different, all the others will remain same) This is something the Web host provider needs to take care off. In this case, you need to ask the host provider to clear the cache of the old server.

Case 4: Link Spamming

Link Spamming is frequently changing the links with the same content. When a search engine crawls the website, and if the links keep on changing, and each time, the previous link is dead/broken, then search engines will think, those are spamming links. So this may also lead to drop in search listings.

Also Watch the Video – These are the insights given my Matt Cutts, Google


Apart from this there are many reasons, but these are few important points, which optimizers see that there is a sudden drop in the traffic. (Even I forgot, these things, and later realized, these are the things, I missed out during analysis. Though I concentrated on the few things which does occur normally)

SEO Advice from SEO Expert – Matt Cutts

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Top 10 Video Sharing Websites

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Social Media Optimization has been one of the potential online marketing strategy followed by most of the companies. Whilst the TV ads are pretty costly, online video sharing is cost a bit and sometimes free. The next generation would see a substancial growth in the video marketing. Here are top 10 video sharing websites, where you can post your videos free. Even I am planning to post one soon                        
YouTube –

MySpace Videos –

Yahoo! Video Search –

MSN Video Search –

Google Video –

AOL Media –

iFilm –

MetaCafe –

vMix –

Daily Motion –

Reporting Link Spammers – Google

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As we discussed already, its always good to acquire natural links for websites. Recently I came across the posting “Calling for Link Spam Reports” by MattCutts – a Software Engineer in Google, stating that Google has been aggressively working on the new algorithms to tackle linkspam.

Linkspam is an illegal method of obtaining page rank, where a website owner will buy paid links from some other websites which has good page rank, acquiring links by providing spam comments, excessive reciprocal link exchanging and many more.

Actually both buying and selling links doesn’t adhere to Google policies, hence these types of links are intended to manipulate the page rank and increase the website visits. But the saddest part is that most of the SEO (Seach Engine Optimization) Companies, do paid linking as business.

I strongly suggest SEO”s to adhere to the Google search engine optimization policies and work hard towards it to achieve your website goals. Do not follow illegal methods of obtaining page ranks and later feel for it, once your site gets blocked or pushed to the last results.

So instead think Positive – while you are thinking to post a link somewhere in a website, just check for relevance, hence Google always checks for Quality, Quantity and Relevancy when manipulating page ranks.

If you come across a website which buys or sells link, just post a complaint to

Acquiring natural links may be sometimes difficult for beginners but wonder, Slow and Steady wins the Race. Build your website natural links slowly, and get good page ranks in the long run                        

Black Hat SEO | Unethical SEO | SEO Don’ts

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Many of the fresh search engine optimizers (SEO’s) as well as experienced sometimes knowingly or unknowingly in order to increase the website traffic start using few unethical ways which doesn’t obey the SEO guidelines. These are done in order to bring the page rank, and increase the website traffic in a short period of time.

So what are the common black hat seo techniques that are followed and what happens to a website if black hat seo are used?

Here the answer for your question.

Generally, black hat seo is kind of spam and unethical, for which search engine companies penalize for misuse by banning the website from their search engines.

Using Invisible Text: This is a common method, in which website developers use to get the list of top searched keywords and put them in the page, in the website background color. When a person searches in a search engine a using a specific keyword might reach this page, whereas the page which he lands has nothing to do with that keyword, nor it would be visible to the website visitor.

Below is a recent site that I got in my Google alert for a keyword I subscribed. When I went to the website, there is irrelevant content to a furniture shop                         . Here is the invisible text “keywords” they used to rank it.


Stuffing Keywords: Lot of keywords are stuffed in a specific page, with lot of repetitions, which is against the search engine policies. Also the Meta tags also have lot of keywords.

Website Cloaking: A webpage is created for the sole purpose of increasing the website traffic by identifying the search engine’s spider user agent or ip address. When a user visits the page, he would be taken to some other page which wouldn’t be related to what was shown in search results.

Doorway Page: A page is optimized for specific keywords and once starts getting in traffic, the website would be redirected to the real website. This is also similar to website cloaking.

Link Farms: This is a kind of spamming the search engines indexing algorithm. This is also known as spamdexing. It linking to site whereever possible, but which are not relevant to the content or keywords. This is made with the only intention to increase the backlinks, reciprocal link, which search engine see as spamming, as it is against the search engine indexing policies.


Is there a good penalty other than blocking or re-ranking the site? Yes, good penalizes by blocking the site or by dropping site from its current position to some the bottom of the results.

Here is the site, that was blocked by Google for using Black Hat Technique. ( I have provided the image of the invisible text given in the html code)

Black Hat Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) News

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Today as soon I came in, I just checked for few seo alerts. I found this news and thought I should definitely share with you all.

“In the last week, more than 280 search terms have been attacked by more than 6,600 black hat search engine optimization (SEO) operations, according to a study by SonicWall.”

Read the full article here:

SEO Types | SEO Hat | SEO Techniques

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There are different types of HATS, the Search Engine Optimizers wear. Below are list of seo hats. In fact, the true fact is that Black Hat, Grey Hat and White Hat SEO alone exists. Whereas people as they tried different terminologies in SEO to bring their site to top in SERP’s i.e. Search Engine Results Page, they gave different names such as yellow hat, green hat, brown hat, purple hat, pink hat and so on as they wish, but those did not really get life and did not exist.

Black Hat SEO:

The word itself says the unethical SEO. In this method of SEO, the keywords are stuffed irrelevant to the content, and is not visible to humans i.e. the text colour would be matched with the background colour of the webpage. Also this type of SEO is often adopted to bring the website to top ranking faster. Search Engines identify and block sites which rank top using Black Hat SEO Method.

Grey Hat SEO:

This is a combination of both black hat seo as well as white hat seo. Here they dont stuff the keyword but this includes buying links, semantic links, keyword file naming and density manipulation. Most of the Grey Hat SEO methods are proclaimed as white hat SEO, whereas search engines are against websites which buy links from third party websites.

Green Hat SEO:

This is a method and action which involves lot of tactics and actions to draw more website visitors. This is all about having fun and doing unnecessary things over a website to gain visitors.

Red Hat SEO:

This is just an observable phenomenon i.e. evaluation hypotheses of what is happening over the web. This is also like White Hat SEO.
White Hat SEO:

This is an ethical SEO method. Here Search Engine Optimizers follow the SEO Guidelines and work on acquiring natural links. This is a slow and a steady process which brings good SERP’s in the long run.

Blue Hat SEO:

This is an advanced SEO technique. Blue Hat Search Engine Optimizers have good knowledge about both Black as well as White hat seo, which makes the search engine optimizer to think in the creative aspect of seo, without voiding the seo guidelines.

So now you know which hat to choose right?

Choosing the Best Web Hosting Service Provider

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Everyone wants to host a website these days. Be a small shop or a big multinational company – Internet marketing is a part of their plans. In spite of the fact that this is a healthy scenario, there is flipside to this. Just wonder if you have a online shopping website and its webserver is down for a day or two.- So its better make the best choice at the beginning itself.

Web-hosting use to be privilege, for a select few when internet started kick off, but these days its available to a common man. This has increased the number of websites from a few million in 1999 to many billions in 2010. This has resulted in information over load. There is only so much of information a human mind can process, we re receiving information faster than what most of us can perceive. It is not an uncommon experience, when we can come out looking for specific information; we end up getting a lot of junk information.


The second decade into the 22nd century, there are many challenges that will posed to us in terms of web-hosting. It is likely that other domains like “ .com “ , “ .net “ will be introduced. For example there can exist a and Though on one hand this will open up the scope for more sites, it will dilute the traffic to the intended site. Users are more likely to get misdirected.

Internet in general is expected to become slower by the end of this decade, because of information overload. Unlike what most people think, the future of internet can actually be slower than current days, since the number of activities of the internet per person is increasing as compared to increase in bandwidth.

Web-hosting is gradually becoming a reselling base affair, since most site-names have been bought out already. Now there is new industry that is emerging, that actually engages in aiding acquisition of websites. There are various levels of elements involved in the internet industry from brokers to sellers.

Though the rates of web space and domain names are available for cheaper, the cost of acquiring a site name alone is becoming expensive. But its more important that you choose the right web host service providers, who update the security patches regulary, so that our website account or web host account is not vulnerable to hacker attacks.

This decade, will pose a rat race for establishing a web identity. It is important to plan your web profiling as soon as possible to ensure that the desired effect is produced.

There is likely to new technological enhancements on the web-hosting sector. With increasing number of option like, video, audio and other 3D effects domain into website designing. Web-Hosting will be more advanced than ever before. It is likely that the prices of web space and allied expenses will fall. But deployment of newer technology to enhance the aesthetic feel of the site will prove more expensive.

So its better choose the right and best webhosting provider who provide you good speed, enough space, cost-effective, security, 24/7 support and most importantly that you believe the host provider to be reliable and hassle-free.

Online shopping – The Future Beckons

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Now one of the biggest challenges that this age brings us is the constraint of time and of course global resource usage and its impact on the environment. Online shopping in its own way can positively impact both these problems.

There are many prejudices against online shopping on the lines of unsafe fiscal transactions, inadequate information about the product and the lack of opportunity to actually view the product. But the perks are more than evident. The time saved in travel, the effort saved in actually physically going across the shops and the possibility of getting a good review before the purchase.

Today, most successful products sold on the internet are that ones that do not require a great shopping experience, or the essentials.. Like computer parts, software etc. on the other hand people would much rather buy cloths after they wear it once, would not prefer to shop for it on the internet. But this scenario is soon to change with the invent of ways to make the shopping experience better with video, audio and other multimedia effects on the internet. It is interesting to note that there are places where people buy cars on the internet these days.

On the other hand, sectors like grocery stores etc are fast adapting to the internet revolution. It is possible in most parts of the world these days to buy products on the internet.

Like mentioned before time is a premium for everyone. Both the shopper and the seller save a lot of time when It comes to online shopping. All the host has to do is to set up a clean website and a good payment portal, the buyer come in and do their bit. On the other hand the buyer can shop at leisure with his computer where ever he wants. It’s a win-win situation.

Considering the money saved and betterment in shopping experience, online shopping is here to stay for some time to come.