SEO-Search Engine Optimization, Whats it?

Search Engine Optmization commonly known with the acronym SEO. The process of increasing the volume of traffic i.e. increasing the number of visitors to a website , and improving the page rank is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Seach Engine Optimization – The term itself refers to the Search Engines i.e. google, yahoo, bing, metacrawler and much more. “Optimization” refers to the technique involved in getting a specific website at top search results for certain targeted keywords. So to optimize a website the Search Engine Optimizers need to understand how a search engine works and the tactics involved in optimizing a website.

There are certain algorithms that are followed by different search engine providers, hence the website which is being designed should be search engine friendly. Many believe that only meta keywords alone brings the webstie in the top of the search results. But its a wrong opinion. There are lot of things that needs to be considered such as the webstie design, menu, the body i.e. the content, image names, keywords, title, alternate texts, links and so on.

There are two types of optimization. They are

1.) On-Page Optimization – The involves optimizing within the websites.

2.) Off-Page Optimization – This technique is done externally, to bring some outbound links and visibility , in a way to support the on-page optimization.

Thats if for now, will discuss more about this in my next post

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