Off-Page Optimization Tips – SEO

Off-Page Optimization is optimizing a website with target keywords related to the website content externally. This external search engine optimization techniques increase the page rank, as well as increases the conversion rates via maximization of search engine results for the specified targeted keywords.

Off-Page optimization includes external linking and placement of targeted keywords in the content, linking the targeted keyword to the relevant web page. The off-page search engine optimization techniques involves the following.

1.) Website / Directory Submission

Submitting the website to multiple relevant website, search engine and business directories

2.) Press Releases and Article Distribution

Writing press releases and publishing it online. When writing press releases it should have some “Targeted Keywords”, which should be hyperlinked to the relevant webpage.

3.) Social Networking

Social networking has been in very good hype and becoming one of the important thing in linking building activity. Social networking sites like digg, delicious, slashdot, twitter etc have been increasing the linkablity and also brings good audiences.

4.) Link Building Campaigns

Apart from the above said link building tactics, we can also do specialized link building campaigns. We can request for complementary links from the people/other business who do business with us. This also involves, one-way, two-way, three-way and multiway link building.

5.) Link Exchanges

Link Exchange is exchanging the links between two website owners. There are certain factors such as page rank, relevancy of the business etc to be considered, inorder to do quality link building.

6.) Blogging and Commenting

We can have our blogs or can ask some bloggers to provide links to the website for which we seek optimization for. Also we can visit someother blogs and comment for their articles, by providing our link. This is also one way to aquire links

7.) Forum Postings

Forums are also one way of acquiring links. We can discuss on some good topic, where more number of poeple will participate. Here in forums, signature are considered important. we can either provide the link or just hyperlink the keyword, so that the forum vistors would click the link to know more about the person who has contributed to the forum. Real interesting topics will fetch good amount of traffic to the website.

Also note that while running a link building campaign, check out the page rank for better results. If the page rank is higher than yours, then it must be your target to get a link. Hence it would definitely provide your website with a good page rank as well in the future after off-page optimisation is done.

I would discuss more about how to choose the target keywords, the impact of off-page optimization to a website in SEO and the comparison between on-page optimization and off-page optimization in my upcoming posts. Till then stay tuned…..