7 Common Mistakes by SEO Beginners

seo common mistakesMost of the fresh search engine optimizers spend lot of time in certain things which are not that much we need to worry while optimizing a website. Below are few common mistakes that needs to be avoided while doing SEO for a website

1.) Don’t spend lot of time researching meta keywords. Its better you can use the keywords which are already present in the website.

2.) Focusing on keyword density is no more of that much importance, if you focus on keyword density more, then your website may probably move above one site, that’s it. So you can have the keywords occurances in the content itself. Also long tail keywords would help your website rank good.

3.) Avoid keyword stuffing in H1, H2 Tags. Don’t provide the same keyword in H1,H2 tags, I may affect the search rankings. Its better you use the appropriate, descriptive tags, which itself will bring your site to top based on relevancy.

4.) Avoid Duplicate Content, don’t copy paste someone’s content in your website. Hence the content which you copy paste may be already indexed by search engines. Duplicate content not only leads to legal copy right issues, but also affects your search rankings.

5.) Reciprocal linking – Gone are those days. But while providing reciprocal links, check how the other website is relevent to your business/website and what their page rank is. If their page rank is more less when compared to yours, your page rank might get shared.

6.) Creating Sitemaps – Sitemaps are used by your website visitors for easy navigation and other by search engines for quick and easy indexing. So don’t create a sitemap with keywords which are linked outside. Because many do provide the backlinks in sitemap with a good keyword. Sitemap must be of your website and not linked to third parties.

7.) Most of the fresh SEO learners read lot of posts searching in the web and implement all known and unknown things reading certain wrong postings. I wish Search Engine Beginners, should first strategize what needs to done and do it accordingly. Good Luck will follow you                         .

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Effective Link Building Ideas and Keyword Targets

Generally, when its comes to SEO, let it be On-Page Optimization or Off-page optimisation, high patience is required. Many people who do SEO, expect the results immediately, But it’s a wrong perpective. I would definetely take a month or two to know how effective our SEO process is. But be sure, that if you don’t find any good results after 2 months, then there is something that you need to take care of. Anyways back to the link building, patience is very much needed for a few important reasons. Below reasons itself are effective linkbuilding ideas.

1.) Choosing the right keywords

To make effective link building, the right keywords needs to be choosen, in order to get quality traffic. For example, if a company sells “Tailoring Materials”, it can’t choose a keywords as “Buy Cloths”, it would bring traffic, which won’t give conversion rates. At the same time if the company targets “Fancy Buttons” , “Latest Tailoring Materials” and so on would be the right keywords. Moreover, lot of time would spent, if lot of keywords needs to be targeted.

2.) Acquiring Links

Acquiring quality links takes lots of time. Firstly you need to check who are ready to provide the links and at what cost. Many do give free links, but still, a link which has got good page rank and do it as a business, would quote a cost to buy a link there. Hence get ready with the database of links first.

The most important is to get Branded Links, with good page rank. This is definitely help in increasing quality traffic and page rank.

3.) Quality Articles

Don’t just ask for links, that are already written. Its always good to write articles related to topic, and then hyperlink the target keywords with proper anchor text. For example, hermesmyth deals with internet marketing services and blog. So while writing articles, if the target keyword is “SEO Consultant” I would provide the alternate text as “Search Engine Optimization Services”. If you would liek to optimize you business name or your name in searches, the you need to provide the right alternate text like if my name wants to appear in the searches for ”SEO Consultant” then I would provide my name i.e. Yuvaraj and link to my main site with “SEO Consultant” as alternate text. While writing articles, bear in mind that, a good article with proper link is much worthy for link baiting.

A good idea to get quality articles is Reviews, where a link can be aquired for writing the own product review or services review and posting some articles in blogs.

4.) Other Linking Building places

Distributing Press Releases, Forums, Discussing boards, directory, social media are other sources to provide links. If utilzed properly, this would also help in getting higher page ranks.

Last but not the least, while writing articles, make it look interesting, so the reader will pass comments and also chances of the pages linked is higher. Plan and follow an Effective Link Building Strategy to acheive success.

Next topic is about…. SEO Tips for website restructuring / redesigning.

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SEO-Search Engine Optimization, Whats it?

Search Engine Optmization commonly known with the acronym SEO. The process of increasing the volume of traffic i.e. increasing the number of visitors to a website , and improving the page rank is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Seach Engine Optimization – The term itself refers to the Search Engines i.e. google, yahoo, bing, metacrawler and much more. “Optimization” refers to the technique involved in getting a specific website at top search results for certain targeted keywords. So to optimize a website the Search Engine Optimizers need to understand how a search engine works and the tactics involved in optimizing a website.

There are certain algorithms that are followed by different search engine providers, hence the website which is being designed should be search engine friendly. Many believe that only meta keywords alone brings the webstie in the top of the search results. But its a wrong opinion. There are lot of things that needs to be considered such as the webstie design, menu, the body i.e. the content, image names, keywords, title, alternate texts, links and so on.

There are two types of optimization. They are

1.) On-Page Optimization – The involves optimizing within the websites.

2.) Off-Page Optimization – This technique is done externally, to bring some outbound links and visibility , in a way to support the on-page optimization.

Thats if for now, will discuss more about this in my next post

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