SEO Interview Question by a Marketing Professional

Can we implement SEO in all the fields ranging from Pin to plane industry? (This is a common question asked by SEO Beginners)

Yes offcourse, its all about the actual marketing tactic and the concept understanding. If you understand who your target customer is, then you need not worry about what industry it is.

Sometime back, I was asked a question, you have been experienced only in the security software industry, and now how would you do SEO for our Mobile industry. I was bit puzzled, hence the interviewer had got good experience in marketing. (I just got puzzled, when the interviewer said, I have been in this mobile industry for the past 15 years, and if you leave me in internet security industry, I won’t be able to market it) Then I thought for a while, and said, its all about the understanding of the marketing concept and the product. If I know what the product is, and whom it is meant for then really its not a big concern. I know where to get my Cup of Tea from. The true fact is that, if we understand the product and know our target customers then we need not worry about what the industry is going to be. We can definitely make our money there if we are really well in what we do.

You can go through the off-page optimization tips and on-page optimization tips to better perform in the interviews. But be sure, you have implemented them atleast once, to know about the pro’s and con’s, which the interviewer may question you.

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