Website Robots.txt Validator

Always check if the robots.txt has got any errors once you upload it to the server. Below is a link where you can check for the robot.txt . Use the below free Robots.txt validator for analyzing the errors in the robots of the website.

The robots should be taken care – so that search engines would be able to see the website robots, knows what to do with the page.

SEO Meta Tags – Character Limits

When its comes to Organic Search, it better to have the below number of characters/words to optimize it effectively.

Title Tag: 60 Character or 9 words (Title Tag is most important in SEO, which should have the right focus keywords hence, search engines gives 98% importance to Title Tag)

Keywords Tag: 250 characters or 25 words

Description Tag: 250 characters or 25 words

H1,H2, H3 Tags: Focus Keywords and Key Pharases can be provided, which will help in long tail keyword searches.

Keyword Density in content: Many Say that keyword density is not required, but where still it is good to have some 2 to 3% of keyword density, which makes the search engine crawl and show up the results.

Bear in mind that, Relevancy of keywords is more important while optimizing a website. See that the Title Tag, keyword tag, description tag and the content of the website has got the relevant keywords and key pharases.

Note: Inorder to bring keyword relavancy, don’t stuff the keywords, which may result in adverse/negative results

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7 Common Mistakes by SEO Beginners

seo common mistakesMost of the fresh search engine optimizers spend lot of time in certain things which are not that much we need to worry while optimizing a website. Below are few common mistakes that needs to be avoided while doing SEO for a website

1.) Don’t spend lot of time researching meta keywords. Its better you can use the keywords which are already present in the website.

2.) Focusing on keyword density is no more of that much importance, if you focus on keyword density more, then your website may probably move above one site, that’s it. So you can have the keywords occurances in the content itself. Also long tail keywords would help your website rank good.

3.) Avoid keyword stuffing in H1, H2 Tags. Don’t provide the same keyword in H1,H2 tags, I may affect the search rankings. Its better you use the appropriate, descriptive tags, which itself will bring your site to top based on relevancy.

4.) Avoid Duplicate Content, don’t copy paste someone’s content in your website. Hence the content which you copy paste may be already indexed by search engines. Duplicate content not only leads to legal copy right issues, but also affects your search rankings.

5.) Reciprocal linking – Gone are those days. But while providing reciprocal links, check how the other website is relevent to your business/website and what their page rank is. If their page rank is more less when compared to yours, your page rank might get shared.

6.) Creating Sitemaps – Sitemaps are used by your website visitors for easy navigation and other by search engines for quick and easy indexing. So don’t create a sitemap with keywords which are linked outside. Because many do provide the backlinks in sitemap with a good keyword. Sitemap must be of your website and not linked to third parties.

7.) Most of the fresh SEO learners read lot of posts searching in the web and implement all known and unknown things reading certain wrong postings. I wish Search Engine Beginners, should first strategize what needs to done and do it accordingly. Good Luck will follow you                         .

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