Six Tips – Choosing an SEO Consultant / Agency

Few has been asking me how to select an SEO consultant, or Agency to optimize their website. I would like to share a few tips in choosing the right SEO Professional. Below are those.

1. Don’t believe in Agencies, who Guarantee 1st Position in Few Weeks

There is lot competition, and there are lots of rules and work that needs to be done to bring a website to a first position. Though all those are done, it very very tough to bring our website to top rankings for all our target keywords. So better don’t believe agencies who say, “We will bring your website to No.1 for all your target keywords”.

2. Ask for Real Facts

Always ask the SEO specialist about the real facts and the possibilities of the site to rank top. For ranking top, what and all needs to be done and average time period etc.

3. Link Building

A good SEO professional will provide the list of links he has purchases to do link building. Moreover its our right to ask for list of links purchased, hence we are paying them to acquire those links.

4. SEO Plans

Ask the SEO specialist to plan execution. What and they are planning to do, and what needs to be done in our part to execute their SEO plan effectively.

5. Website Objects

Make sure you are aware about the activities carried out the SEO professional, and all the accounts, domains, content, images etc used for promoting the website is rooted to you. “Please donot outsource your website project to a agency who says, links, promotional content are confidential”.

6. Reports

Be sure you get the reports periodically, along with the list of activities carried on and a comparitive performance once is 3 months. A professional SEO Consultant would explain the realy facts after the first 3 months of exclusive research, and from next phase he would be able to better bring the site up.

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